Commercial Data Systems & Solutions

Northeast Total Communications, Inc. (NTC) offers consultation, design and installation for business communication systems, specially focused on audio, telephone, video and commercial data systems equipment. We work with companies of all sizes in the greater Philadelphia area from Fortune 500 and national brands to small & medium local brands. For over 40 years NTC has integrating effective forms of communication to businesses in the Philadelphia area. Whether you need to set up new forms of communication or upgrade your current technology, our engineers can accomplish any job efficiently and within your budget. Call 215-639-3377 to discuss specific options we offer for commercial data systems integration.

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Custom Data Systems for Commercial Use

Network Wiring: Any business that depends on the internet or communications systems for daily operation and steady production must have network wiring at the forefront of their priorities. Businesses running on outdated, weak or incorrect wiring will undoubtedly experience poor internet connection and system downtime, which leads to a decrease in employee workflow. If you’ve been putting up upgrading your business network wiring, don’t delay any longer or you’ll risk further loss in production and revenue. NTC will switch out your old, insufficient network cabling with strong, temperature-controlled wires that will boost internet speed and protect your devices against electrical surges. Our technicians will tailor network wiring solutions based on your current output and number of devices, while also accounting for future growth.

Computer Accessories: While most offices are equipped with the basic computer set up (tower, monitor, keyboard, mouse) there are many other accessories and peripherals that you will find beneficial. NTC offers a wide variety of computer upgrades from the best and most reliable brands in the industry. The most commonly requested pieces of equipment include printers, scanners and power management devices. However, we find the ones to be most beneficial are cameras, headsets, projectors and speakers, which allow you to expand your communication through teleconferencing. To discuss upgrades to computer systems and add-on accessories, call NTC today!

Computer & Wiring Installation Services

Allow our highly experienced engineers to upgrade the existing network wiring with safer, more efficient connections. We will customize and engineer commercial data systems solutions to your businesses’ current size and taking into consideration future growth and expansion. At NTC, every member of our team is dedicated to providing service that will help your business grow and succeed in all areas of communication!

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